Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

This is posted two weeks after the fact but really why I decided to get a blog going....finally.

Producing, packaging, and addressing our wedding invites was the moment I had been waiting for! It has been one of the more exciting and fun pieces of what will come to be known as my whole wedding planning fiasco. The creation and compilation provided a certain level of clarity nothing else in this whole adventure has revealed.

I was on my home turf: paper and envelopes, color and font, mail pieces that would make a recipient smile and feel loved. My heart soars at correspondence through the U.S. mail (no big surprise to anyone close to me). Nothing could be more uplifting than to receive a hand addressed piece of goodness from a friend faraway or just one block over. This was my debut to our guests, our closest friends and family members. This was my chance to send them something bright and colorful and happy. It implored relaxation and enjoyment. All I wanted was to be casual and intimate.

So why did I wait so long to get the ball rolling? I have no idea. 16 months of engagement and I had yet found the time (minus some pipe dreams about Papel Picado flags and mulling over how to make it work in my head). Job loss didn't inspire me. December crept in with holiday mail trickling through our mailbox (truly the most wonderful time of the year). Usually by December 1 I have a hot mix celebrating the great tunes I have discovered through the year and cool holiday message to package it in. So as I began to once again procrastinate via Christmas card creating, Andy had a come to Jesus conversation with me about setting my designs aside to get our invites out and possibly the debut Rooster Plumbing holiday card. He was right. I frowningly placed my yearly holiday card on the backburner and focused on the task at hand.

Never mind bad timing as far as available printers or the lack of cash to have these puppies properly letterpressed like any good event deserves, I was in the rush hour of printing seasons and now was not the time to lolly gag any longer. Rather I went for an ounce of frugality and came out proud of my finished product. I like to think it was a beacon of color in a sea of green, red and blue holiday cards.