Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Morning

I woke up early to a Ginger by my side. The dog took up residence by the bed, laying down with her back towards me and her head curved around the door to see down the hallway. I lingered in and out of sleep and finally became more awake than asleep.

I knew from the light that it was not another Seattlish rainy day like the ones we have been living lately. It was sunny and perhaps that’s what got Ginger up early. She sat up and let me scratch her back. Not having a job has afforded me the level of relaxation to grow more comfortable with not rushing the day. Ginger relishes the knowledge that in her very near future there will be a walk. Some mornings she even comes over and lightly nudges my face with her nose, like a kiss to wake me. It is our newest morning ritual and one I have grown to love even as D scratches her chin and says, "everyday is Saturday, right dog?"

Today she was preparing me to get out there in the world, to explore what these past rainy days have done in terms of growth to the plants and grass. It would be green like the Northwest, at least that is what I wanted to tell myself, for Denver it would be green enough. The sun streamed in the window brightly. The dog's excitement couldn’t be contained as we went downstairs and I explored the backyard while the coffee started to percolate. Drops of rain dangled lightly from the leaves of the new tomato plant I put in a pot Sunday afternoon. I checked for growth and swore it was bigger although there were no new branches or leaves. It certainly was standing straighter. The grass, taller from the water as well, created a perfect dewey backdrop for the tomato plant. Everything was waking up and growing. I took a few photos for the blog and considered how indulgent it is to post things about my life, especially silly moments like this one - slow, quiet and really uneventful. Intrigued by the thought, I decided this is how it should be: I SHOULD be digging my life.

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