Thursday, June 25, 2009

Success in Small Doses

Summer is officially here. I went to the pool with M and little M and LL yesterday to get some summer pool time in on my watch. It felt good to go through the motions of summer, the way I used to live everyday as a child. As an adult it was fun to watch M playing with little M in the pool. Little M dunked her head under the water and came up with pride as if she slayed her own dragon. I sat under a tent with LL gazing over my shoulder in wonderment at what life is all about.

The summer is uninhibited and that's why I like it so much; everything seems more alive. Every morning I spend a few moments outside checking my herb garden and tomato plants for new growth. It is a silent, humble joy that I experience (as “my garden” is a term to be used loosely). Still, there is magic in seeing something I planted take on new shape and height and blooming in its’ own special way. It makes me feel like traces from good days and good actions remain. It reminds me that there is so much beauty to the everyday struggle of life. It is validating to know something established weeks ago slowly comes to fruition after fighting it’s own battles.

And the ladybugs: they are everywhere. One landed on my windshield for a brief moment yesterday as I was driving and I swear I was fully present, if only for a second. Later, I was grilling when I noticed another ladybug in the back yard taking residence on the tomatillo plant. Something about the sighting made me feel like all was right in my world - like the ladybugs approve of me and who can disagree with ladybugs?

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