Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm a texture girl myself. I like art that makes me want to reach out and touch it. I gravitate to paint pealing off old doors and colors built up in formations that negate the laws of gravity on the canvass.

Image created from a piece in D J Hamilton's Wise Words As Art exhibit

Watercolor seems so light and fragile; it demands a reasonable amount of letting go and feels so opposite to my ingrained chunky affinity. Tonight, inspired by art night held at NEXT Gallery, I made some peace with easy strokes and diluted color. I focused my elementary skills and novice watercolor paints on my newly purchased Strathmore cold press watercolor 140 lb. heavy weight, professional grade paper. I felt a bit more engaged blending colors and adding water the surface. JH let me borrow her fancy brush to feel the ease of a few strokes. It was huge and thick and yet could also create the finest point. It looked cool and I felt some strange element of magic working with it (like Harry Potter with a Nimbus 2000 - sorta). I was sad to give it back and return to my tiny pointed brush that could barely graduate from kindergarten let alone hold a reasonable drop of water and color. Still, I managed to let the colors flow over the page. I placed water on top to see how it was absorbed and how it found its' way into the crevices, creating a new type of texture to enjoy. It wasn't pretty but it was interesting.

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