Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh Baby!

Check this out: Last month I designed an invite for Nancy's Baby Shower. The graphic below provides the gist of the design (you can view the whole thing here). Of course, it falls under my attempts to gain high accolades as a top bridal, baby shower invitation designer in Denver. However for the time being, I shall settle for this surprise...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE things that are mailed. Yet when I arrived at the shower, I found a new dimension to my happiness. Tricia commissioned a cake to be created following the design of the invite. The creator, the uber-talented Anna Rodgers, manipulated fondant like a crazy lady (and if you've seen Ace of Cakes you know how hard it can be). That's just the beginning folks, because I haven't gotten to the delicious yellow cake with lemon filling and fresh raspberries that hid beneath the lovely surface. Truly delightful (though my blurry photos barely grasp the beauty).

If you are in need of a pastry chef in the Denver-metro area, contact Anna! If you aren't - come up with an excuse to get a cake made. She would be happy to hear from you and you would have yourself a fine treat!

Anna Rodgers 303-709-9300

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