Monday, September 21, 2009

Sayonara Summer

Fall is here whole-heartedly. I snuggled in bed till 6:45 and told myself the time change will fix this “sleeping in” problem that I have cultivated. Today summer kissed us goodbye and gently woke sleepy CO to snow in some places and a chill that made riding the scooter to work unbearable. It felt like the passing of a torch one day too early; it felt like Winter skipped ahead in line.

Last week I met up with a friend at Potager for a glass of vino and some delicious snacks. Potager has a way of making you feel hip and satisfied, like your at a friend's house. We had a wonderful quiche accented with beets; a peach wrapped in pancetta with ricotta and herbs buried in the middle where the pit had once been. For dessert we shared strawberry shortcake with Lemon Verbena custard on a biscuit. It was all so yummy and delightful. Unfortunately, as all good things must come to an end, it was the final night of that menu. Potager changes it with the passing of season's and with the availability of produce from local farmers and their garden out back. I love, LOVE the idea of an eating establishment designed around this philosophy. I think this is the way food should be experienced and manipulated (not in some back alley warehouse adding natural flavors and colors). I am dedicated to supporting it, even if it's only a special treat once in a while.

Potager inspired me. As the cold air sneaks over the mountain peaks toward Denver, I've been thinking about how to salvage my own herbs for deep winter treats. Today, I finally clipped a fair amount of the Basil I had growing out back to make pesto. If I didn't get to it, the frost would sooner or later. Like most things cooking, the concept seemed to be more of a big deal until I did it - now for a lifetime of tweaking. I feel proud of my first attempt though, thanks to Better Homes & Gardens and some added spinach. Hopefully a night in the fridge will help it's flavor.

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