Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seasons Change

Being gone for a week, I now notice the subtle early morning change in the air: it’s colder and darker. I didn't leave Denver this way when I packed my bags for Boston. Life was set to summer lovin' and lemonade but I have come home to school in session and yellow leaves. It's as if Summer checked out without saying goodbye. As September rolls in, I think about Fall sitting just around the corner with it's leafy fade and crunchy sounds. These warm days with fresh tomatoes and garden herbs will all be a distant memory soon.

So much can happen in a weeks time. Perhaps it is a good reminder that this ride is short and we should seize the moment for all it’s worth. That is what I keep telling myself to make sense of it all. It’s just so strange that life moves forward whether we count the days or loose track of time, whether we're on vacation or working too much. I find myself watching D more lovingly and kissing his cheek, holding his hand, or trying to tell him how great he is in my world. I don’t want him to ever wonder. Right now we are happily unanchored. We are enjoying our days and cherishing what we have. We laugh a lot. Soon, I feel, it will all get so busy and seem to have moved so fast.

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