Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Years and Some Change

Is it me or is the History Channel obsessed with the end of the world? I got sucked in yesterday to some good old Armageddon propaganda combining Nostradamus Predictions with Mayan Prophecy and current political affairs. I'm not complaining because I buy in to a good end of the world theory but lately I feel like all it wants to talk about is "what will happen after you F*%kers disappear" (with shows like Life after People and Nostradamus Effect). Admittingly, it's better than keeping up with Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami (though I also spent a little time watching what is the new line between reality tv and soft porn), but I have to wonder what the History Channel is doing to the bolster the mixed up, lost souls who think the end of days are near?

Does the thought of having two years and some change inspire one to live these last days to the fullest? Does it compel us to get up off our couches, turn off the tv, and DO SOMETHING to improve our world in an attempt to change the future or does it drive us to further loose hope, boost tv ratings, get fat, and exploit it all because it doesn't matter anyway? I have to believe, it's reflected in the way a person lives life to begin with; such is life. If we had 50 more years, all the more reason to enjoy the least that's how I feel.

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