Thursday, October 8, 2009

Try Something New Today

Tom King

It’s been an artsy inspired week of sorts. JM introduced me to the Denver First Monday Art Talk, a monthly event where Eric Matelski interviews an artist or group about their inspirations, accomplishments, vices, etc. He does a great job keeping things moving along nicely; keeping things funny and light yet somewhat informative. Since he knows so many people in the crowd, he is able to talk with the audience and constantly acknowledge the sponsors, supporters, music, etc. It’s arranged somewhat like Inside the Actor’s Studio (my real reason for attending). I’d never been to Dazzle before either – it was hip and cool and I would go back there for drinks and Jazz and possibly brunch (per a hot tip from TC).

The interview/spotlight was on Mario Acevado, an author who writes sexy vampire detective novels and is a representational artist creating some awesome Denver retro signage artwork. It was interesting to hear about his process as a writer and laugh at the silly questions thrown his way. Two highlights of the night came in the form of a trailer Mario's son created about his book. He uses LEGO figures to set the seen and did a really good job pulling it all together and putting it to music, which brings me to my second inspiration. The music comes from a one man band called, The L1MBS. John Mazzucco was there for the festivities and sat in front of us playing the drums and his guitar (sometimes using it to crash the cymbals) all while he was singing. It was chaotic and cool to watch him play.

photos taken by Julie Howard

My second night of art came Tuesday in the form of decoupage. I was so excited for the activity but then had a hard time finding things to pull together for the collage. I thought about it for a few weeks and then at the last minute, I just shoved some paper samples in a bag, grabbed some Merlot, and headed to JH's house. We sat at the table covered in newspaper and ate delicious food while creating masterpieces. J made suggestions and explained the process and we were all set loose to do our thing. Everyone created interesting work using things like old wallpaper, pages from a 50s bowling book, clips from other paper samples and magazines, and even some of the flourishy orange paper from our wedding invites. I spent my time using an old canvass board J brought. I thought it would turn out to be another “year in review” exercise, but it was more about asserting myself as an artist, about doing what I love and just doing it, not thinking about it. I feel like "my piece" (term used loosely) is about having and edge and being a strong feminine artist and creating without thinking. It’s about doing what my heart tells me to do.

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