Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Days

It began with a case of the Mondays. I woke up late, the ground was covered with snow and ice, and my car had to be warmed up and scraped (inside and out). I spotted a woman steps from missing the lightrail and thought, “I’m having that kind of day", even though I was on the train.

Work was slow until T presented J and I with two cold, frothy glass bottles of chocolate milk from Rocky Mountain Meats. I forgot about his promise on Friday to bring us in "samples". He assured us it would be unbelievable and made us commit to only drink straight from the bottle, as the action intensified the experience. He was right. The bottle felt so unfamiliar and old school in my hands. It was heavy and substantial. I vaguely felt rebellious drinking straight from the container; but then again I’ve never been a milk carton drinker (ew, swarmy build up on the edges!). There was pure joy in the flavor and taste of natural, non-chemical dairy and of course the chocolateyness. I told T that he changed my entire day. Right then. It was 8:45 am and that was the turning point. It was nothing major, nothing over the top; just something special that made the day seem a little better.

Later that night I was reading an article about giving, for the sheer joy of giving, for 30 days straight. Clearly it aligns with the holiday season but it got me thinking about how I lost site of paying attention to the cool little things that make every day fun. So in writing this I am starting my own 30 day project to recognize the good that's sent my way. I'll be back here on December 18th(ish) with a list.

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