Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Swingin'

The Swinger represented this past weekend. It was a fine host to our Thanksgiving festivities with M&D and three dogs. Who knew a 35-foot motor home would provide such entertainment and good times? Okay - D knew (and perhaps the dogs). He made the experience as seamless and easy for me as possible. Right down to the extra blankets on our bed and the Tahitian Vanilla 3-wick candle he bought to provide mood lighting. Admittedly, I was weary at the outset but it turned out pretty well.

We cooked the turkey as we drove up to Red Feather Lakes and were surprised to find it was done by the time we parked (something about that seems more novel than anything else the entire weekend). The sides were pulled together in the quaint kitchen and the table was set up front by the drivers seat. We sat and toasted the success of arriving and having a lovely meal to top it off.

The weekend was one of pure relaxation: We ate and drank A LOT. We shuffled on the ice covered lake and lolly-gagged around it, taking photos at every turn. We watched movies. We celebrated Ds birthday. We curiously theorized about the ice fishers and had cocktail hour outside in our camping chairs. There was a gorgeous sunrise I caught from the comfort of our bed Saturday morning. And did I mention the unbelievable Pecan Pie M picked up from d bar Desserts?

Thanks to M and D for some of the photos and a fun weekend! Thanks to D for another great adventure!

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