Thursday, November 5, 2009

The World is a Playground

“The world is a playground. We knew that as a kid.
But somewhere along the line we forgot that.”

I watched Yes Man again the other night and this statement stuck in my head this time around. Perhaps it was because it was delivered by the uber-cute Zooey Deschanel (another Hollywood crush) or perhaps it's just that these days, I feel like life should/could be lived this way. Sure it's easy sentiment coming from a character with no need to address the realities of paying bills or getting car insurance but then again, maybe it IS that simple because lately I've found that things have a way of working out.

The playground wasn’t necessarily always a happy place: little girls cliqued, boys stole kisses, sometimes that red, rubber, four-square ball smacked you in the face. The dreaded jungle gym demanded courage to approach it. With sweaty palms, you would find yourself slipping off the monkey bars halfway through and then there were days when you made it across. The thing is no one killed themselves in the mix of it all, except that one kid who always forget his jacket, tore his pants, and kept wiping his runny nose on his shirt. Sure there were knee scraps, social drama, and cold days when clearly some Human Rights law was being violated; but for the most part, it was a lesson in letting go and having fun.

I forget that the most important thing that can be done is to find my bliss. Could it be that life will follow my lead? Twice this week I've found myself in situations where all I needed to do was ask for what I wanted. Where all I needed to do was just go for it. It might sound silly but that's a hard challenge for me. For some reason I get anxious about outcomes and choose to avoid conflict. Once I grabbed the bull by the horns and addressed the situations head on, I found it wasn't half as scary as I anticipated. Putting myself out there and letting the chips fall where they fall was quite interesting...and a bit fun. I mean really, what is there to loose? Something else always comes along - whether it's a lover or a job or another lunch date. This is all some strange silly game with structures to keep us occupied and challanged.

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