Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part Deux

No more Charlie Brown Christmas: In following my new found perspective on finding the joy in everyday, I must report there were some great things that happened over the holiday.

Once again my sage bestie taught me something: traditions are established in many ways and that one I was ready to forget should not dissolve just because a friendship did. I guess if I'm focusing on the positive, the draw would be to the good memories. As I told another friend (ad lib) a few weeks ago, "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

As bare bones as I felt this year, the things that ended up making it to the table were the few things I relish in a good Christmas. Tradition was a great message this year. It kicked me out of a dull drum of sorts and I found myself recognizing things that have consistently made me happy through the years. Though things may change, there will always be new joys to smile about as family grows and new traditions are forged. Here are a few smiles I found this Christmas:

The nieces and nephews opening gifts followed by a stirring round of White Elephant (kudos to the Rodgers for their "fudge in the diaper" gift - so apropos as new parents).

(the bumpit as modeled by TC)
Discovering my nephew found my camera and took some photos...of himself :)
My yearly "engagement photo" with RH (wish I could find older ones to share). And a visit from Santa Maillet, no wait Hannukah Harry, no wait an oompah loompah, yes, a Christmas KTM Oompah Loompah

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