Sunday, December 13, 2009


We’re putting the shine on things around here. I guess you could say it started with this old plumbers welder D got polished. It was once his great uncle's tool. It sat, aged and dingy, on the shelf above our stove. You know how sometimes things collect on a high shelf in the kitchen? It was one of them; it was background music. In any case, D sent it off to get shined and it returned home this glowing piece, which now sits across from my tea kettle on the stove in our front room. Funny, it seems a bit representative of our personalities to me....

But I digress: D has been explaining to me that he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy: a guy that does the first 80% of the work and then has a hard time with the last 20%. He knows someone who is a “finisher" (it's a technical term, it means someone who deals with the last 20%). This person is very detail-oriented and makes things look good. Damn Good.

If there’s one thing about finishing, it’s that it takes a friggin’ long time and patience. It’s like that 80% and 20% take the same amount of time, which is why I’m sure there are definitively meat and potatoes people and finishers. In any case, after Tracey spent an entire weekend fancing up the place, I found the little things made all the difference: crown molding in the front room; a new bathroom door and trim, and the pièce de résistance: the ability to open and close our bedroom door all the way without it getting wedged against the carpet.

No longer will we hear the jam of the bathroom door being shut when someone goes to take a shower. We can't see the insulation seeping out from the corner of the main room. Now I can open the bedroom door all the way instead of awkwardly moving around between it and the bed to retrieve things from my nightstand. Now, things are flowing a little easier and it’s all about flow as far as I'm concerned.

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