Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Chain

Part of my new year's resolution is to continue a commitment to nutrition, namely some good old-fashioned food chain values. You know what I mean: eating more fruits and veggies; less vodka - yes, MUCH less vodka; purchasing products with less than 5 ingredients on the package; buying produce from local sellers that have a solid connection to the "the chain" rather than the bottom line of some corporation; and eating at restaurants with a slant towards sustainability.

Food, Inc. had something to do with me taking it to the next level. If you haven't watched it, netflix it my friend! But for me it's really more than just a quest for organic, sustainable eating; it's about treating my body like a system and wanting to put the most optimum things in it. It's about making the food I eat a priority rather than an afterthought. It comes in the form of reserving books at the library like Nourishing Traditions and Sugar Blues. I forget how scientific it all can be, which for me can be alienating. Not that I have bad eating habits, I just don't really think about how food affects my body. Last year when I was trying to loose weight, I naturally gravitated to cleaning up my diet and being conscious of how much went in my body. This year, I am more curious about what happens once it goes down the hatch. I wonder about things like: why eating bread makes me more bloated or just how serious are the physiological effects of sugar on my system. For example, I never really considered how sugar turns into alchohol in the stomach. It's interesting to think about since I'm someone who LOVES sugar and LOVES alcohol. They both garner the same mind-numbing, auto-pilot response from me. Coincidence? I think not.

I spend a lot more time at the grocery store reading labels. I've been breaking up with some of my favorite foods. I've been looking at where items are being shipped from and making it a priority to purchase less packaged goods. D is supportive with these types of "Mailornish Has A Plan" things. When I make grand sweeping discoveries, he relies on his culinary background to help me unravel the facts. He has been preparing more meals and we have been talking about different dinners options to get us out of the food rut. He also helps me find things to do with the unfamiliar red chard I purchased at the store because it was so colorful or takes the kale and combines it with chicken into some fantastic soup.

It's been a good adventure thus far. At times it has been humbling and a bit disgusting (i.e. leafy greens are hard on the system). There are setbacks and imperfections: I discovered a never-ending supply of hot tamales at work that sings to me like a sweet, sweet, sugar-urchin. As I wrestle with the day to day food choices, I relish in the fact that there will still be homemade mac-and-cheese and dessert in my future, and lovely new meals I don't even know about (Chateaubriand).

(P.S. I had to show you this uber-large meatball D created last night. I wish I could put smells online because this thing was tantalizing to the schnoze. Thankfully he broke it down into smaller bits.)

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