Saturday, February 6, 2010

Even God is Gluten Free

Did I mention I spent a week touring the gluten-free world? A lot of people are vacationing/moving there these days; it's a hot spot. It was a nice visit but honestly I don't think I'll move there. I do not have celiac disease and I did not do it to loose weight. A friend (who does have celiac disease) recommended I try not eating any gluten for a week and then rage for a day to see how or if it affected my system, specifically my allergies. Her theory was that I would surely feel a difference if I had a reaction to gluten after a week of not eating it. I was intrigued.

I figured what's a week worth in trade for some schnoz reprieve. I started that day, I hadn't had any gluten yet and it just seemed natural to flow in to it. A wonderful side effect came when I realized I was so nervous to eat anything, for fear of hidden gluten, that I just ate fruit, veggies, and quinoa. I quickly shed two pounds (ah the secret pleasure to gluten-free eating). An eater at heart, I quickly got over the hump and sank in to partaking in more rounded meals and doing more research.

I began my gluten-free week feeling alienated from not only food but also friends who prepared food that I then wasn't eating. Slowly though, I discovered others who were trying to be gluten-free as well. I found restaurants and food products that cater to that crowd. I also found friends supporting the endeavor by suggesting I try this or that. I hit road blocks in the form of shuffling around the yummy pasta in the soup G prepared for art night. It just felt rude to not eat the meal in it's entirety. At the end of the week, sushi finally did me in. I knew that there was gluten in soy sauce and requested the gluten-free choice, but halfway through the meal D and I did a taste test and found it was shit. It was then that I gravitated into the rolls dolloped in proper soy. The next day I felt hungover though I barely had anything to drink.

Here's the deal: I love WHEAT FLOUR. Not exorbitant amounts of it, not the flavor per se but rather the nice doughy feel. I'm a texture girl and gluten-free living has a certain grainy texture to it. While there's a piece of me that likes that, I also like the smooth round curve of fluffy fresh bread. I could get used to life without it but I don't want to. I'd rather cut down half and treat myself otherwise. Isn't that what allergies are all about: system overload? Am I fouling myself to think I can go halfsies on this gluten-free living. As anything else with my diet philosophy, it's all about moderation.

More than that, I've been open to the conversation about nutrition with friends and family. I've been exposed to other dietary endeavours I might need to explore or considerations people mull in their mouths about their diets. It's a tweaking process of sorts.

My mom and I met for dinner a few weeks ago and she brought me the All Souls newsletter to tell me about the school's 50 year celebration. Facebook already beat her to the punch but as I perused the liturgical publication, I saw a short piece in the question corner regarding gluten intolerance. Apparently there's a low-gluten host option for Communion; parishioners can request it before mass. I guess even God is on-board with this...

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  1. Love this post. The last line was hilarious!