Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i heart you

I'm not usually a sucker for the commercialization of a holiday, or an emotion, or a culture for that matter (corned beef on on St. Patty's not included in previous statement). There was however something about this Valentine's Day that struck a little soft spot in my old ticker. I found myself drawn to heart shaped cookies and pink things -- oh-ing and ah-ing each item like it was the most novel symbol of love. Usually I'm not one to play into this crap; life is not about prequalified days, it's about moments wandered into; it's about finding yourself surprisingly present in a place you never expected or imagined.

This year we spent Valentine's Day with friends. Before we left for the long weekend, D passed along some cash to me knowing "the girls" would go shop. My sugar nut wanted me to buy something just because I wanted to, without thinking about the price (yes I am that frugal); really it was a sweet gesture (especially since he suggested a new pair of jeans, which was taken as a compliment to my semi-semi-hotness-ish). Instead I found my sweetheart a treat along the day in the form of a Venison Sausage Cookbook (just what he had been gunning for since Christmas). And yes, treating myself to Le Petit No. 2 Parfum by TokyoMilk (how cute is the name "I Made You a Mixed Tape" - a petit parfum solides scent) I found it at Interiors A La Carte, a cute little boutique in Glenwood Springs. I couldn't bring myself to spend the wade and I'm sorry to say Gingylou didn't bode so well in the gift department, even though she didn't seem to mind once we gave her a carrot.

Perhaps it's our one year wedding anniversary rambling it's way to our front door; or that fact that I've come to enjoy looking at what's around me and finding something in it that makes me happy; or it could just be that I feel lucky to have two great beings in my life; whatever it is, my heartbeat includes their count. Sometimes it's better not to think too much about why life can be so good. We come together in our own way; a way which creates the intimacy of our house and is a feeling only us three truly know. We go to bed at night, sighing about it all as we drift off to dream. We return each morning to one another, gentle touch and light kiss hello.

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