Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Once in a Lifetime

Talking Heads

This weekend we found ourselves in a familiar place: our friend's house on the Roaring Fork River in Carbondale. We've been lucky enough to be invited time and again (even with my off-kilter attitude). Each time we go, we find the familiarities of space and habit (such as daydreaming about the future, lovely family-style meals, and racking up the empty vino bottle count) as well as the curiosities of life unfolding. This visit, we found ourselves drawn mostly to the slide show on their TV as it ran through photos from old motorcycles trips, past new years celebrations, birthdays, and plain old Saturday nights. It was good to look back on all the things we have done with faces younger than they are today. Funny how life keeps ticking along and you catch little glimpses of memories or sew together moments from a collection of pieces each friend has in their mind. Soon this weekend will be another story in the box. I wonder what we will remember:
The Olympic Opening Ceremonies
(seriously, who gave the Canadians the car keys? I just had to mention it...)
Birthday Wishes

Droid Tutorials Sweet Baby Cheeks
Overstimulated and Uber-Tired Dogs

Great Views
Outdoor Adventure
Always Delicious Food
Inappropriate Conversation Followed by a Light Fog
and Friends

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