Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Lap Around the Sun

I'm all caught up in moments these days. We celebrated our wedding anniversary this past Sunday and well, you know, there's something about those milestones. We woke up from dreams snuggled under light snow that fell the entire night; we woke surrounded by the indulgence of the Brown Palace. Our eyes lifted in the spacious softness of a king bed, white clouds of sheets, and Down. We found ourselves dining at one of the best Denver brunch offerings. The day continued with light snow falling, champagne rising, and sweet smiles streaming from our faces. Year One - The Mailornishs (though it's misleading because we've been together for 8.5).

I must admit I am sad to see our first year of marriage end. I had signed up for it to be a good one so I buckled down and felt all the joys that come along with the possibilities of a lifetime partner. I was engaged in the moment and inspired to live this past year like the beginning of some great adventure. It was in many ways a coming together and a clear look at this guy who was my boyfriend, my roommate, my fiancé, and now my husband.

It’s funny what a year can do to a person’s perspective. I'm not entirely off my rocker though, I know I did some good PR work on the year. JH sent me a great e-mail Sunday talking about things that take a year (I'm putting it at the bottom of this post). It was such a fun note to find on our anniversary. I read it out loud to D as we drove across Denver. We smiled at the humor and the thoughtfulness.

It got me thinking again about what can happen over the shift of one year. What can be done to bring a person closer to living the life they were meant to live or simply enjoying the life they have on their plate? What if we took 365 days to invest in ourselves, our dreams, our relationships, our health, or anything we truly want to achieve? A year ago I would never imagine myself living 15 lbs. lighter than I have been the past 10 years. I must admit, it feels pretty good.

I sat with a friend the other day over lunch and we talked about the things we would do if we weren’t scared to just say what it is we wanted out of life. If we were ready to start our life’s true work, what would that be? Is anything possible if you set your mind to it? Year two might be a rival if I play my cards right.
(I can't believe it's been a year)

  • It takes a year for light to travel 5.88 trillion miles
  • It takes a year for a Future Farmer of America member to receive a Chapter FFA Degree
  • It takes a year for a colony of 25,000 termites to eat an eight foot section of a 2"x4"
  • It took Alexander the Great a year to conquer Tyre
  • It takes a year for the planet Earth to make one orbit of its Sun (duh)
  • It takes a year to learn to fly supersonic jet fighters at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave, CA (and tuition is $500,000)(anniv present perhaps?)
  • It takes a year to eat through Andy's bird flu emergency rations
  • It takes a year before people start saying "well, the honeymoon's over"
  • It takes a year to settle into mister and missus Congratulations, you two!
xxoo, J&E
(um, it takes a year before we are officially outside the present-giving time period - I owe you a painting!)

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