Thursday, February 25, 2010

Same As It Ever Was

Great things are happening every minute. I'm in one of those moods right now...who knows how long it will last but for the time being, life seems so simple and obvious.

It has something to do with checking in on a favorite blog to find said blogger fulfilling her dream to have a child. Silly it seems: though I have never met this women in person, I believe she will be a great mom. I'm grinning ear to ear for her and her husband and their new lucky-as-sin girl. I'm a sucker for dreams come true (then again, who's not?!) and I like to think there's always a little magic cooking in the background.

Yesterday morning while getting ready for work, I stopped mid-mascara'd lash to think how ironic it was that I was mindlessly humming to Once in a Lifetime playing from the clock radio by my bed. I just used that as a blog post title and it felt synchronicitous to hear as I found myself starting another day. I stopped to take a good look in the mirror and to make a note to self...invite Talking Heads over for dinner, I'd like to get to know them better (the song always reminds me of Rock Star - put it in your que).

It's about hearing Yim Yames (Jim James - MMJ) covering George Harrison's My Sweet Lord while I'm writing about this feeling and thinking what a trippy-dippy happy moment. It's about soaking it in for nothing more than that (and the buttery, southern-goodness of his voice).

It's about friends who are coming in to their own as artists, professionals, parents, and dreamers. It's about feeling like there's more to this life than unloading the dishwasher and paying the bills. It's about paying attention to the small joys as much as the big ones and shrugging off the bad moods (because everyone has a bad day now and again). It's about treading lightly with friends who are too busy these days and slowing down with friends who aren't.

I like the moments of life change that seem so definitive, such as marriage or a world trip, but I’m more intrigued by those subtle things that rarely make it past the cutting room floor (like how it started to snow as we left for our walk and we both agreed it was the perfect time to be outside). The simple things in life are real treats and if you celebrate them, you get to celebrate every day.

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