Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I read an article the other day in the March issue of Colorado Biz. It was actually Rundles Wrap-up, Too Progressive, on the last page of the magazine (my first go to in any mag). Rundles writes about the loss of action and optimism in today’s day and age. He writes about how the majority has established themselves as experts ridden with opposition in their back pocket. He comments about how one gets ahead by being against everything. Tongue-in-cheek he goes on to write about the things that he is solidly against. i.e. “I’m against mass transit. Losers ride the bus.” I can appreciate the perspective. Though there are a million things that do need to be changed, we can all do more by actively affecting change rather than passively bashing it.

In any case, it got me thinking about what I do advocate? Spoiler Alert: I am putting on my optimism undies here. I could point out all the obviously wonderful things in my life like my health and my family. The loyalty of the best dog on the planet and good friends who incessantly find a way to make me smile or keep me inspired/informed. Granted these are pieces of my personal life; things more subjective to my emotional state. Perhaps the list should come from solid, social surroundings and tangible life experiences but I'm not that politically current or socially aware. So here are my thoughts, elementary or otherwise:

  • I’m for reading in any way shape or form. I don’t care if it’s about Oscar Dresses (Demi Moore knocked it out of the ballpark) or the effects of sugar on your neurological system.
  • I’m for public libraries. I’m for subjecting yourself to the community you live in and discovering worlds on shelves rather than on a web.
  • I’m for eating heathly, natural, organic, unsynthesized food. I’m for doing it as much as possible and not militantly all the time.
  • I’m for walking or running or riding your bike or doing something active to get from point A to point B.
  • I'm for Sunday radio; morning or night; NPR or KBCO; Car Talk or Prairie Home Companion; Red Rooster Lounge or the Groove Show.
  • I’m for spending some time each day to pay yourself first. We provide so much more to others when we give ourselves what we need.
  • I’m for the benefit of the doubt. I’m for taking what people say at face value. Sure I might pick it apart from the comfort of my own bed, but I do like to believe: you say what you do; you do what you say.
  • I’m for travel. Any kind of travel. I’m for changing your surroundings to change your state of mind. I’m for seeing other countries, tasting different food, and hearing different speak.
  • I’m for happy hour. The time of day and the mentality.
  • I’m for supporting other people in their goals. I’m for that positive contribution. I’m frugal and it doesn’t cost a thing to believe in someone else.
  • I’m for staying up late and talking with old friends and not wanting to go to bed. I’m for slumber parties.
  • I’m for self-employment. The little guy; the under dog; the impossibly possible.
  • I’m for picking up your dog’s poop even if it’s in an awkward place. I’m for acknowledging it rather than pretending you didn’t see it.
  • I’m for creating something. Anything. A good meal, a piece of art, a blog entry.
  • I’m for snail-mail. Always.
  • I’m for love: as the never-ending patient teacher, the medicine, the answer, the challenge.
  • I’m for being genuine; and if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Not always but mostly.
  • I’m for work life balance.
  • I’m for keeping your head on straight and recognizing when someone is trying to steer you off a cliff. I'm also for politely sidestepping to offer them the first step.
  • I’m for ice cream. I have never had a bad experience eating ice cream. No one ever gets in a fight over ice cream.

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