Sunday, April 11, 2010

Create Denver

I went to the Create Denver Expo for the first time Saturday. It's they're fifth annual event but my first annual. I'll go again. The idea behind the expo is to support the development of creative enterprises and individual artists. It's a week long culmination of events but the expo on Saturday had booths on the first floor of the Wellington E. Web Municipal Building and workshops on the fourth floor. It provided networking and education opportunities. I spent most of my time in workshops trying to figure out how I can take my freelance business to the next level. Occasionally I ran into a familiar face or met someone new. This took place while music blasted from the first floor; Johnny Cash would come on or Young MC and it reminded me what I like so much about being a graphic designer, it doesn't feel like "old-man stuffy industry" to me.

My favorite workshop was Getting Creative with Social Media presented by Eric Elkins of I'm always wondering how I can make my millions (term used loosely). Eric took me one step closer with his explanations on the difference between a FB fan page and a profile page, Google Alerts, and why Twitter might not dissolve into a fond memory (my personal theory b/c I was to lazy to learn how/why to tweet). Interesting what a little casual presentation and some basics can do for the mind. All three presentations I attended that day left me with things to research and ways to evolve.

I did stop to take photos of a public art piece in the building. It includes three dimensional collages showing tools used to build the city, from items such as traffic cones and laptop computers to wheel barrows. Created by Donald Lipski, it spans a limestone wall running all four floors (60') and displays these various items repeating in a circular motion. I like to think they are reused materials since the building itself is an Energy Star Labeled Building (how cool) but I can't find more information about that! I guess the City worked with various artists from around the country to incorporate sculpture, paint, and metal work into the building. What a great spot to bring together the creative, local community. I can't wait till next year to watch this event grow.

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