Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bird Watching

Today was a big day: another one of those silly moments I've been waiting for happened. It fell in line with the likes of: hearing the heartbeat, keeping the belly-pop, feeling the baby move inside, etc. Today, I saw my stomach physically bulge outside to reflect the kick inside. I wish D was home to see it but I'm sure he'll get his chance soon enough. I'm a bit obsessed now - it makes me want to just go lay in bed and watch what happens next - soon enough but for now, I figured I would do a little update on the bird.

We had our 21 week ultrasound a few weeks ago and everything looked good. The bird is shaping up to be another fine individual for this world. It was fun to watch the screen and see so much movement coming from my belly. Can this be real? Holy cow, I'm making a human! We were so excited to see it all, all of it except the nether-world, which we have left as the surprise for the end of this whole adventure. Yep. We don't know the sex (though the tech gave us an envelope with the information and sent us on our merry way). I didn't want to have it at the house but my doctor offered to burn it and I didn't want that either. So when we got home I hid it from D who is so likely to cave it's not even funny (he was wavering before we even left the office). 

In any case, here is what we're working with:

After I posted this photo on FB, my sister sheepishly admitted that she didn't really understand what she was looking at (Rachel from Friends made this all socially acceptable). For those of you unwilling to admit that I'm completely obsessed with little more than a blurry photo of a neanderthal head, here is my explanation:

The first view of my baby's face...
(I stared at this the entire weekend after we got it)
The bird also has good muscle tone
(D's uncle claimed that was a Maillet trait -
we'll arm wrestle the next time he's in town

There might be an element of freakishness to the whole thing.
(I'm willing to admit it)

In any case, that's the VIP pass. The general public only sees and hears reports about the inside. I'd like to pretend this is how it looks and feels from the outside...

(p.s. this is from the finished mural and I will post final photos soon)

...but alas it's not all that true. I finally had D take photos last week after I realized I wasn't doing my math right and was almost six months along rather than five. Needless to say, Ginger and I weren't impressed with his photography skills.

So he came up with this tonight (he was inspired by the elk horns in the background).

Speaking of D, he's knee deep in nesting (I'm a slacker anticipating the bug will hit mid-August) - for now, I'll let him finish his house projects before I get that nursery going. A sad moment came a few weeks ago when the ever-promised (threatened) banister finally took it's permanent spot on our cool open stairs. So long old friend - you will be missed. I had planned to lend a cold shoulder to the banister for months but sadly, I think it will come in handy more than I like to admit. For what it is, Tracy did a fine job (as always) making it look as good and stylish as possible.

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  1. i loved this post, the pictures, the antlers, the bump, the diagram. You are amazing!