Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gonna Take Some Time To Do The Things We Never Have

- Toto (Africa)

I forgot to mention weeks ago, my sister, TC, left for Africa. Yeah that's right, the original continent people. As has become old hat for Trishy, she decided to do another volunteer trip where she gets to take in some local sights and in turn help others. This time, she met a friend in Tanzania for a week(ish) where they spent some 5-star resort time on white sand beaches and then went to view gorillas in Rwanda. She then joined up with the Roadmonkey crew to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Her goal was to summit the peak (coincidentally on her 40th birthday). The group had two days of RnR (where she e-mailed her successful news) and then they moved on to a local town, Babati, where they will build an environmentally sustainable kitchen and a goat shed. Afterwards, they safari. The more elongated story can be found on her blog.

But Yeah. Holy friggin' cool.

In any case, I had to share a little joy and pride. There were so many thoughts in Trishy's head before she left and though she knew it would be fun - as any good, challenging adventure is concerned - she was also a teeny bit scared. I think that's the part I like best; because she still got on the plane and took her shiny new sleeping bag to camp for a few weeks in Africa. I so admire her ability to find a great way of celebrating herself and fulfill her sense of adventure! I admire the "Yes" instead of the "No"; instead of the "I can't"; instead of the "I'm too old"; instead of the "it's too far, too exoctic, too unfamiliar", etc. After all aren't most unfamiliar places only unfamiliar till you get there? The thing that I LOVE about travel is finding out how the exotic seems so "every day" once you are actually in said environment.

P.S. Now Rwanda is one my list :)

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