Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not to Worry...

I didn't break up with my blog; but man it feels like we were apart for so long. It is probably just me but I would prefer to blame May. Yes May, in all her spring glory and busy-bodiness. She brings the parties and the weather but she also brings the calendar and a black pen to mark it full of appointments in every nook and cranny. Many things were scheduled before we even got out of the starting gate (it seems like the same is true for most people). As I drifted off to sleep last night with May sailing off into a distant memory, I realized my old friend this is ish has been waiting patiently...poolside...with a daiquiri...until adult swim. I guess I'm old enough now to think that's cool (instead of the 15 minute downer that I used to perceive it as being). So maybe I'm slowing down but I prefer to see it as relaxing and choosing to get inspired in comfy, loose-fitting cotton.

Summer is in full bloom. Pants are overkill - capris are more practical these days. Tank tops are back. White is IN. Flip flops are lounging by the front door like teens in front of a seven eleven. The grass is green. The peach tree is weighed down with new fruit. The heat is on (and so is the AC). Trail mix is waiting for a hike. Camping is calling. Swimming is optional. Sunscreen - a must. Afternoons require ice in a glass surrounded by something citrus in flavor. And ice cream is officially on the daily menu. We have arrived, people. Enjoy the view!

P.S. The dog has signed on for summer by generously agreeing to donate her coat to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf (though I wish she had a better process for collecting said hair).
P.P.S. You can shed your own coat and send it to Matter of Trust.

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