Saturday, June 5, 2010

This I Believe

Last week was a good "thank you" week. I got a letterpress treat in the mail from JH on the most ridiculously delicious paper I have seen in a while (it's not like me to say "delicious" but really, it's so friggin' tantalizing to touch). The scan doesn't do it justice (because you have to feel the sheer thickness of the paper and run your finger over the shape of the guitar) but I had to put up a scan anyway. You can come over for a visit and hold it/touch it - it's on display as we speak (no company plug as it's just some card stock she had laying around - JH always has good schtuff).

I too sent my own hot little thank you from egg press along to my bestie who clothed me with maternity gear a few weeks ago. She helped bring my pregnancy game up a few notches so I can look semi-fashionable with the bird in the oven. After mail call, she sent me a follow up thank you to the thank you (which for all it's silly reciprocity, made me smile - there's something about making someone else feel special which is really inspiring). MP also hand transcribed an added message in a effort to ease some bad day blues. It's from a book she shared with her sweet heart at bedtime. Admittedly I cried a bit because sometimes the words can be so simple and the message so basic, and yet still I'm constantly relearning to make this life less complicated. Some of the statements have become old hat and some are hard to swallow. In any case, I wanted to pass it along here. Thanks Meggy.

What I Believe
I believe that when doors shut, windows open.
I believe spring brings out hope in all of us.
I believe your special talents will light up the world.
I believe play is an important part of every day.
I believe dreams help you discover yourself.
I believe fairies dance at sunrise and sunset and in the moonlight.
I believe animals know more than we think they do.
I believe being able to receive from others is just as important as giving.
I believe your guardian angel never leaves your side.
I believe a good friend is a treasure, and you need to take care of your treasure.
I believe if you need a nap, you should take one.
I believe music and dance fill your spirit.
I believe life can give you the best you can imagine.
What I believe in the most is you - who you are, who you will be, and how you will give your special talents to the world.

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  1. I loved reading this entry, and not just because I'm mentioned (smile). It's just so nice to read a post about how interconnected we all are...sharing and giving, receiving and thanking. You know I heart you.

    I feel a bit like an asshole because I have a stamped envelope here with a thank you card that I haven't written yet to you, oh righteous gift giver. That e-mail really wasn't intended to be the thank you, but, I'm glad it was received as such. So, maybe I'll let it be. Rather than beat a dead horse, I'll save this card and pop it in the mail when I have something new and inspiring to say (might be awhile).

    For now, my friend, keeping knitting that baby and traveling the path.

    Lots of love,