Monday, July 19, 2010

En Plein Air

"in the open air" - a French expression particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors

Art night is always so inspiring and this past one was a special treat. We made our way over to Cheesman Park for some late day light as it flirted with natural colors and general park activity.

I always forget what a great view Cheesman presents: not only can you catch glimpses of the front range but you also get a great perspective of downtown. The Acropolis sits as a vantage point, alive with the smooth moves of a yoga class directly followed by the excitable activity of a dance group.

The people watching can't be beat. Passersby run and work out, some sit or lay with lovers and friends, some stroll in deep conversation (and some yell obnoxiously horrible untruths about Denver's general population and though I want to curse "them" and send them packing to their dream locale - Colorado Springs - I can appreciate said crazy to be just as much a part of this juicy scene). It all is so active and alive with only the type of energy and promise only a summer night can bring.

We sit and toy with our paints, creating blended color and revealing shape. I'm so glad Jody found some time to take photos while her masterpiece marinated.

Gina took Jody's sage advice and figured out impressionistic color.

Julie used her palette knife to create these beautiful strokes.

I played with my new watercolor set (who would have thought me + watercolors but I do like how mobile it can be).

Dessert follows a wonderfully fresh salad from Julie's garden and some cold pasta, which seemed suiting for the heat. Stories abound - some about work, some about family, some about pregnancy, some about long lost English professors (mmm).

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