Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Silver Thunderbird

Marc Cohn

Richard A. Cornish, 76, of St. Augustine inspired family and friends to enjoy life through his smile, his quick wit, and his creativity. He died at his home last week.

Born in the Bronx, NY to the lighthearted family of George and Rita Cornish, he was an older brother to his good friends George, Jerry, and Ginger.

He is survived by his siblings...

...as well as his first wife, Pat, and their daughters:
Debbie, Chris, Jenny, Tricia, Nancy, and Amy. 

He was an affectionate father who proudly raised six daughters with patience and unending support. He is also grandfather to seven beautiful children.

In life, he fondly remembered his second wife, Helen.

Dick was an artist, a veteran of the Korean War, an engineer and mathematician, and a lifelong learner.

He was a thoughtful, wise man with a calming ability to listen and a long view of events.

His warmth and intelligence drove his enjoyment for the simple things in life: healthy discussions, keen intellect, and good stories.

He found interest in the lives of others; smart and kind people were his kin.

He was also a funny man who had a silly side and liked to laugh…even at bad jokes.

He will be greatly missed.


  1. What a beautiful tribute. Love seeing photos of his younger years, laughing or smiling in almost every photo. How lucky you were to have him as your father. You've got good genes, girl. And you will pass along good genes.

  2. Amy - I don't check blogs too often, but for some reason decided to check out my bookmarked ones today - glad I did and got to see this post. Such great photos and what a wonderful life story. Hugs!