Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent This!

I was just getting ready to drag out the over-sized plastic tub of holiday decorations to decorate the house. I'm finally getting serious about the season. Funny though, I've been singing Christmas tunes in my head for a few weeks and day dreaming about holiday cards (ever since KOSI announced they were turning on the Christmas Channel early this year - before Thanksgiving - yuck! I don't like acknowledging Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I digress...). I like to slowly get in to the hot tub, if you know what I mean.

In any case, I have been wanting to purchase an Advent Calendar. I'm inspired by my bestie who has created one for both her kids. We never had one growing up, we just had the advent wreath setup - though my mom never liked to burn the candles (she has never been a candle burner). I was always jealous of the girl next door who had one and got to open it every day and discover a new piece of candy (I was a cheap date then...hell I still am). In any case, it got me thinking I should buy one to count down the days. Then I got to thinking that I could try and do an Advent Calendar right here on the blog. You know, post something delicious every day.

I know what you're thinking: "hey lazy, where have you been these past two months? You're already over a week late getting started AND you have an 8 lb. life force sucking the day right out of you!" I'm thinking it myself... but I really miss creating entries immeasurably! So what the heck, I'm gonna give it a try...

Happy Holidays!

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