Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Misses

M was sleeping and I started to cry. It felt like it had been a awhile (not that I forgot, only that I had been too busy the past few weeks). It had something to do with actualizing the moment at 10:37 pm when I came in to my parent's life. It had something to do with being 1 hour and 23 minutes off from my dad’s birthday. It had something to do with marveling at miss m and knowing what I would do for her to find joy in this life.

Later in a much needed shower, I thought about how strange it is that I am tied so closely to my dad in birth and death. We celebrated our birthdays together. He always let my birthday eclipse his like it did on the calendar. It's yet another way this man loved me to no end.

This new year starts alone with the hollow silence of my birthday mate gone forever. It's all I can do to not pick up the phone to say hi.

Happy Birthday Dad - I miss you today and every day!

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