Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Big Blue

Miss M has a sleep sheep we turn on to play white noise so she drifts to her unconscious state a little smoother. It has whale sounds, falling rain, the ocean and one other I can't remember right now. A few weeks ago I started playing the ocean sound so she could get used to it for our weekend in Florida.

Sunday morning I was up before sunrise. I had a moment to take in the moon and a bright planet right below it on the horizon. The house was silent. I went down and got Miss M and brought her back upstairs to watch the sunrise over the ocean through the sliver of horizon I could see between houses. A little later on, I dragged D out of bed so we all could go for a walk down along the beach before everyone woke up and the day's events ensued. I knew it was the only time to escape. 

There was a chill in the air and I bundled the dangling M with her blanket and hat. We walked and watched the birds. We stopped and examined the shells. We watched others run by or walk along holding hands. Every now and again Mr. Maillet would stop to look out on the Atlantic like some deep sea fisherman.

I took photos from strange angles trying to capture this first visit for the little lady. M mostly slept (cursed Pavlovian response). I asked M if she remembered being there in July when she was in my belly? 

She had no comment; she might have been snoring. Her little hands were freezing and her cheeks rosy. Still I think she liked it and I promised we would return.

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  1. GREAT pictures....Little Lady M fast asleep with the ocean lulling her. So perfect. I'm proud of you for making the trip, and for surviving it with grace. Your ol' man would be proud. :)