Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Method Singer, Trapped In A Mother

I've been thinking about this Diana Krall interview a lot lately. I heard it a while ago and remembered it having more of a slant about how, as a mother, her professional career affects her children's relationship to music. It must have been something I imagined myself after stealing a moment from the interview. Like suddenly I envisioned her kids coming in to have their mom playing the piano and singing Toy Story tunes and yet they don't realize that she's "Diana Krall" playing a private concert for them every day (or that Elvis Costello is their dad... and what a trip that is - yeah that sounds about right for what I would project in to an NPR interview).

I wonder if her kids assume all mothers sing like that? I know I do. I'm inspired at how she tries to bring a fresh voice as she interprets the songs she covers. I too do this at night with Miss M. Really I do it all day long as well. When I became a mother, I whole-heartedly took the opportunity to ratchet up my singing career (it was one of the perks, ya know). I worry about how one day M will discover that I am not a professional singer with my own tunes found on any given ipod. It is then she will join the ranks of those who love me and don't have the heart to say the words I see coming from their eyes after they catch me singing, "don't quit your day job just yet."

But until then, I'm gonna start working on You've Got a Friend in Me. Perhaps I'll release it on my own album due out later this year.

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  1. And where can I buy the album pictured above? You need to tweet summaries of your blogs so that people will come to it. Your posts are really good!