Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Lovin'

I just realized this the other day that we are knee deep in June; which is to say "summer" (because I've never been one of those people who waits for the solstice to call a spade a spade). It came with the sweet warmth of an almost "too hot" day and finding a patch of shade to keep cool.

It came when I wondered about the strange light in the night sky after I put M to bed (it was in fact the remnants from the setting sun). It came via a lovely evening in the backyard with friends and an undetermined amount of mosquito bites that forced us inside even though it was otherwise so serene and fresh smelling out back.

The days are longer. I am lightly woken by the morning glow that starts in the 5 o'clock hour...that and sometimes a little lady who is still testing the waters of her sleep habits. I have committed to some early morning runs again - finding the fresh air of the morning and an hour to myself; an indulgence of sorts. The coolness of the night holding still to the dewy grass is a familiar friend. New running shoes keep me inspired; that and the promise of all that summer brings along for the the ride.

Last year, I lamented my "last summer". I thought the joys of June, July, and August would be forgotten in the mix of raising a baby. I'm happy to find, as with most things miss M, the joys are new through her eyes. Warm, dry hikes through the mountains and wild flowers with colors so bright against the sagey brown of the landscape. Pinwheels and aspen leaves, birds soaring through the updrafts in the sky (everyone seems to be coasting just a little more this time of year).

We escape most weekends to the mountains; to "the quiet" D would say. Gingy has half-heartedly returned to "walks" which are disguised as bike rides but never the less do the trick. That alone has made my heart happy - I miss my old friend and wish I realized sooner that all I needed to do was bust out my bike to enjoy her company (that and drug her to suppress the anxiety).

Last week we enjoyed the sweet indulgence of a summer cornerstone: the neighborhood pool. The Ps shared a little piece of their dream with us. I put M in a swimming diaper and the cutest little suit you can imagine. It's so cute she doesn't even need to be in it for me to want to take a picture. I slathered sunscreen all over the old girl (for some reason she loves this, it think she imagines it is a mini-me-massage).
dig miss M not even trying to sell the suit...
I found myself blowing up some pool toy for her to float in. I couldn't get the thing to fill and for a moment channeled the quintessential frustration of a parent loosing all their air to a toy. When I finally beat the system, we floated around in the water. We watched little MP swim her way through the 8 feet zone, we watched LL play with his mother and smile calling out to us. We watch MP rock a new green bikini and supervise the joys of the morning with her kids.

Little MP and LL took M for a spin around the baby pool; all three in floaties riding back and forth with a smooth ease. Little MP taught miss M how to enjoy it all: the floaties, diving underneath the surface and touching the bottom of the pool, sitting on your towel in a chair having a snack, etc. I'm glad she has sage advisors to guide her summer hand.

I love how little MP look so old and wise in this photo (my kid looks like a pirate...)
I like to think this is her first real Summer smile.

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