Friday, August 19, 2011


Debbie, Amy, Tricia, and Nancy
Summit of Grays Peak, July 2006

I realize this Photo Friday is technically a "three-in-one" but did I mention I'm going to try and climb a mountain this weekend? Well maybe two. The last time I bagged two 14ners was with three of my sisters five years ago. We all summited Grays Peak (14,270') and then Tricia and I went on to summit Torreys (14, 267'). There's nothing like climbing a mountain to make you feel accomplished (a desire I am craving these days). And there's nothing like doing it with your kin. 

Wish us luck tomorrow... I'm more focused on the possibility of a thunderstorm than the state of my lung capacity. Then again, as they say, "Thunder only happens when it's raining." (yes! fist pump)

Next step.

I had to include this shot of Gingy because she's just too cute
all tired at the top with her booted foot sticking out like that...
I wish the old girl could come again this time.
The view from the top of Grays Peak.

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