Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We went to the Denver Zoo for the first time with Aunt Nancy and Cousin H a week ago. I wasn't sure if miss M would even be in to it but she had a stellar time.

H showed us his favorite spots.

I imagine some day we will be hard pressed to remember this kid smaller than a wagon wheel.

They traveled light, Radio Flyer-style, enjoying the commonality of being strapped in facing each other munching on treats as the crazy views passed by.

We stopped for lunch and watched the carousel spin round and round, the animals parading by us for a change.

And then we went for a ride on a polar bear. H chose the much swifter cheetah.


We topped it all off with a train ride (many firsts that day)!

I think we'll be headed back soon since we only saw about a quarter of the whole thing.

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