Saturday, September 17, 2011

Speaking of Lobster

I've been neglecting this blog like a visit to the dentist. It's not that I don't want to go, just that I'm not sure I'm committed to the work that needs to be done (buh dum dum - did I really just start off a post that way?! Yeah I think I did - must be all the Muppet Show reruns I'm watching - BTW check out this skit from Season1, Ep 1).

In any case, I have been wanting to write about our trip back east for a few weeks now. We had fun visiting and introducing miss M to D's family. She had a great time though a menacing Hurricane stood in the way.

Travel was good considering we were working with a ten month old who just learned the taste of sweet sweet freedom in the form of crawling and cruising. We wondered how we would make it through a 3.5 hour flight but were lucky enough to get a row to ourselves. Some nap time on the middle seat freed me up to watch a cheesy in-flight movie while D worked and all was good in the world (though we heard there was an earthquake in Manhattan and Colorado while we were up in the air). Upon arriving in B-town at 4:15, we busted it to get on the 5:30 Ferry to P-town and couldn't believe our luck when we made it to the Pier with plenty of time to spare. We were on our way to the Cape and couldn't be happier.

With the help of Alan and M, we carved out a few sunny days pre-Irene. It was so fun to experience Provincetown - the cute artistic shops, the tourists, and of course, the food. Alan and M were wonderful to share their space with us so we could enjoy it all. They took us around to their favorite haunts starting with a quick trip to catch the sunset Tuesday night after they retrieved us from the Pier.

The next day we got up and tried to find some proper Portuguese pastries. Then we went to a lighthouse (so east coast). Can you believe they moved this whole lighthouse due to coastal erosion? Can you believe the whole building was originally where that green patch of grass is now.

I have to add some texture...

Miss M got to play with cousin M to her hearts content; not that we had to twist M's arm or anything. They both took to each other like peas and carrots. M will be a great babysitter when she comes out here for college (fingers crossed).

I managed to squeeze in a tiny run to town; one of the best ways to "tour" a place. With my music playing, I had a few sweet moments catching sights I would otherwise never have seen. I peeked in on backyards that were so quaintly decorated with flowers and trees and Adirondack chairs. I imagined late afternoon happy hours and the bugs buzzing at night - what a beautiful life these people must have. I stopped to look at a little art display of pieces with a box below it for people to drop their cash in and then take the piece. I enjoyed the animals carved in to shutters and the texture of shingles covering most of the houses (quite possibly one of my favorite treatments the east coast offers).

I looped back to meet D, miss M, Alan, and M on the beach.

Maddie played in the sand and got in to the ocean for the first time. She loved it. All of it.

Playing in it.
How it felt.
How it tasted.
The water.
The seaweed. (eh not so much...)

One day Alan and M took us on a whale watching tour to the Stellwagon Bank National Sanctuary. It's something they usually do when they visit the Cape. I was excited to see the whales and took some Dramamine so the whole time I didn't feel green. It was a great day with sightings of tales, humpbacks, and birds, as well as a whale who swam next to the boat for a while - by far the best part of a fun morning. M took to the water like a champ. She clearly has stronger sea legs than me; everyday I wonder if she's more like her dad than me.

Each night we went to a new restaurant - all with their own great flair. D and I both choose seafood; delightfully fresh and getting our fill of memories for when we got back in Denver. The last night, Alan took us to Ciro and Sal's. It was a cute little cavernous spot. It was tight and felt aged and, like a lot of places in Boston. The setting sold me and they food followed suit. We walked around to some of the galleries after that and people watched some of the nightlife down. I cursed my short gams and ached for the legs of more than one of the hot drag queens (it kills me when a man has sexier legs than me...and in a more feminine way) - I only wish we took in a show.

The next morning we tried for more pastries and then took the ferry back to Boston.

Part II to come...

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