Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Down

The promise of an uber-cute harvest festival at the Littleton Museum inspired me to plan miss M's first birthday party a few weeks early. It was sure to be a lovely celebration with pumpkins, livestock, live music, and cake...

I thought I had it all tied down but the weather wasn't game. I hate forecasts and predictions but leave it to me to pick the one bad weather day in October...that is until today. That Saturday morning the rain/snow were not a good mix with a one year old birthday party at a harvest festival. So instead, we crammed one smash cake, 55 cupcakes, 60 tamales, a load of green chili, and a host of friends in to our house to sing to her. Watching M eat cake, surrounded by family and friends, was delightful.

That was two weeks ago. Today is her actual birthday. The true joy in a pre-celebration like the party captured above is that you get cake twice. My mom said it might confuse her to celebrate again so soon but I say, let them eat cake (and by "them" I mean "us").

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