Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freeze Frame

A few weeks ago we trekked up to Ft. Collins for our rescheduled mini photo session with Rachel Olsen Photography. She did an outstanding job making the session light and easy; catching moments of us gushing on our girl and waiting patiently for our other one.

What a strange experience it is to consider what to wear and how it might define us as a family, if only for a brief moment. The process can get convoluted in the search for perfection, since we are freeze framing this day in our lives forever. Still, jeans and some of our favorite pieces worked just nicely. What you can't see are our flip flops; Ginger swimming in the pond behind us; Miss M's missing miniature barrette - the only one small enough in this world to attach to her hair. I imagine what I will reminisce on: miss M almost one year old; my best bud Gingy (and our matching hair color?!); and D and I, together ten years. It is our family, 2011.

My only wish this year has been to get my two favorite girls in a professional frame for, well, um... framing. In any case, Rachel delivered even though one of them was more interested in rescuing a bone left behind from another four-legged genius. Gingy has never been too kind to the paparazzi. Miss M is another beast all together. She is a seasoned expert with over a year of photo shoots under her belt.

this moment stills my heart

Thanks Rachel for capturing us as we are: another year older, happy to have each other to hold, and excited for what we find along the way. More images of us (and other beautiful people) can be seen on Rachel's blog here or on Facebook here.

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  1. I had the best time. Thanks for coming to my neck of the woods! You have a beautiful family!