Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love Bug

I fell in love with M's Halloween costume long before she even knew about it. Weeks ago I hung it in her closet on display so I could look at it because I thought it was so dang cute. You can imagine my dismay when I finally took her for a test drive in it and she acted more like Francis, the ladybug from A Bug's Life (Denis Leary's voice and a bad temper due to often being mistaken for a female).

Slowly though she warmed up to it. D and I both thought it was brilliant.

By Halloween, she was kind of in to it. Though on the flip side, I don't think she understood other people dressing up. She refused her Aunt T when she tried many times to pass along a lime but took it the second I handed it to her. Hence why she seems a little sallow in these photos...

Tricia on the other hand was getting a little Captain in her. Bravo Trish-RRRRRR (shout out to mom and pirates) for hosting the best - and our only - trick or treating stop by making it "parent-friendly."

It was "old-fashioned" kid friendly too.

Back at home we carved what D and I agree is one of the best pumpkins we have ever had. It was a great size with a super cute curled stem on top and plenty of room for a friendly face.

I love Ginger peaking through his arm in this photo.
I love that you can see so many different things in this photo.  
I'm always a sucker for a good Gingy angle
though I wish I could get her in to a lion mane one of these years. 
Happy Halloween!

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