Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Duggin' It

Did you know the world population is at 7 BILLION people? You probably did. BUT did you know that 200 years ago the world population was at 1 Billion people? And that 50 years ago it was at ~3.5 Billion people? You thinking what I'm thinking? What will our numbers look like 50 years from now?

- btw check out these population photos from The Atlantic -

I'm a leeettle freaked out that we're "overdoing" it, so to speak. Though this is just another reminder that we are animals, the real piece that kills me is that we are educated animals but we're acting like friggin' rabbits. I mean, we are not cavemen anymore struggling for the survival of our species. And the last time I checked, most of us are not working in the fields anymore so we don't need the "manpower." Don't get me started on the Duggar's big announcement this past week. 20 kids? Really. 20. 20 kids is palpable? It kills me even though they subsist on their own and don't ask for government help.

Now, I'm not trying to tell anybody else how many kids to have or if they even should have kids in the first place. I come from a large family and I relish having five sisters. What I am saying is that it's our responsibility not only as parents but also citizens of the world to analyze the physical, emotional, financial, and ecological pressures of having a child. We are responsible for looking at the bigger picture rather than just thinking to ourselves, "let's do it and worry later" or "God will provide as many children as he thinks we can handle." Last time I checked, God wasn't living here on, uh, he's not going to mind so much if there's not enough food or water to go around. He gave us brains, let's use them.

Rant over.

P.S. This is a more upbeat article on the subject.

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