Sunday, February 26, 2012

Me lika Mizuna

To be honest, I'm not a foodie; I wish I were. I admire foodies. They seem like cool people who never have to say they're cool to be cool. They just silently take in the moment, taste it for all it's worth and notice the fine nuances. I'm not that subtle and neither is my pallet. Since I can't really smell anything, my schnauze ruins most things I really want to taste. I use my eyes more in the eating experience because of this. It's why I like color and contrast on a plate. Still D holds firm to the idea that he can expose me to the finer foods in life.

A few weeks ago, he took me out to the incomparable Mizuna for dinner. It was inspiring to say the least. Upon sitting down, I felt like we were whisked away in to a dream of what you imagine the most wonderful date dinner to be: a quaint, hip restaurant; a friendly waiter; unbelievable food presented in the most interesting ways; long-legged wines courtesy of a well-seasoned sommelier; and the sheer joy of a full belly of good food and drink as you sit across from an attractive companion.

Since D knows so many people over there, we were visited by faces entrenched in the scene. It seemed like clockwork the way the evening flowed and they stopped by the say hello. It was impressive; I told him later in the meal, if we weren't married and just on any old Friday night date, he probably would be getting lucky.

This was food and ambiance as an art form. It was taken to a high level by people who perfect what degree to prepare the food at, how to make it unique and interesting, how to seamlessly deliver the enjoyment of the experience to your own personal space within their confines. Every person is at the top of their game: mastering their profession, believing in the company, helping people enjoy a night out on the town. Who cares if it's cow town Denver; I felt like we were in Manhattan. Good meals have no boundaries.

In fact, I was nervous that I wasn't sheik or foodie enough to rise to the occasion. D grimaced at the idea of me taking photos of the courses. He made me promise no flash (please, I don't shine my gold teeth in public). Still, I'm left wanting when I sit reviewing the night in photos. The experience itself is one beautiful photo in my head though I wish my morsel memory was stronger. I wish I could remember the flavors more distinctly and how the wine accompanied them. I wish I was savvy enough to order a five-course meal in perfect, complimenting flavors to match the standards of what each person in that restaurant brings to the table. To say to the staff, I too like food as much as you. But I don't understand food the way these people do. It made me feel lacking - in a good way; in the way I get inspired to be a better person in my daily life when I'm faced with people flourishing passionately in theirs. In the way it made me go home and want to make flavored butter to serve on the table to my guests.

If as Bonanno says, "Every night is theater; we’ll want to give a better show next time". I say, it was all I could do not to walk out of Mizuna clapping.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Quack It Up

Since I haven't been able to sift through the California pictures quite yet, I'm going completely literal with the Photo Friday posting this week. I'm including what we were doing exactly one Friday ago. Sophia and Little L took us to feed the ducks. L was half way through throwing the loaf of bread while miss M just stood there eating a slice and watching all the flapping. Those birds are fed well and have no sense of personal space. It was pretty awesome.

Sophia caught this shot of all four of us, which I love. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Love

Lucinda Williams

I was all tied up in Valentine's Day this year. To be honest, I directly attribute it to wanting an excuse to make some badass sugar cookies. I'm talking fluffy, iced with sprinkles, shaped like little pieces of clouds from heaven, sugar cookies. My inspiration: those uber-processed, delectable treats you find at any grocery store. You know the ones: they have frosting colored to accentuate the holiday and sprinkles reminiscent of the season's decor (like green icing with clover sprinkles on St. Patricks Day). Eating one gives you a headache for hours. I can never eat just one. I pride myself that mine were genetically cloned to these Supermarket delights, which is why a few days after Valentines Day I was pretty sure my teeth were literally rotting out of my mouth.

I made two heart shaped cookies: one for my man and one for my girl. I wrote them cards and gave them a storybook they could read together. It's about a father farmer taking his little girl out on a tractor (it's just their speed). Gingy didn't bode so well this year in the Valentine department but the old girl bodes well most days so she took a raincheck.

In any case, the day proved to be a delight. D came home with the most outstanding bouquet; truly the prettiest flowers he has ever given me. He topped it off with a six pack of Sierre Nevada. It doesn't get much better than that. I felt a little lackluster in my shameless effort looking over at his lonely candybar and oversized heart shaped cookie as I sipped my cold beer...but I got over it. Our little family, nestled in for the night sharing the love.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can You Feel The Love

I'm not a big Valentine's day person. It's a fun holiday but I've never really felt the love; it's more like a processed, contrived emotion to answer the call of social marketing. Though this year, I have felt inspired. I directly attribute it to my designs to make the best sugar cookies around and then camouflage them in the mix of a holiday (more on that later). In any case, I have been prepping for the day for about a week now, which is UBER-proactive for me.

Can you imagine my surprise when I found an old Valentine in one of my dad's yearbooks at Tricia's house? I assumed it was her creation until I looked at it. I think I was in second grade. They matched us up with an eighth grader and we both made a Valentine together. In any case, Trish was stuck with it. I thought the find was well timed with my affinity this year. My favorite part is the little heart house with heart smoke coming out of the chimney.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tutu Cute

This is the finest example of me living my childhood dreams through miss M. I never had a tutu and, truth be told, I have been wanting to get her in one since the day she was born. I know it's a little pathetic but I was excited to see how she would feel about it. She loves it; the way any little girl loves something frilly and colorful around her waist. I've found that the joy I longed for as a child in a tutu is directly transferred in to adulthood as I watch her play in this little number.