Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Love

Lucinda Williams

I was all tied up in Valentine's Day this year. To be honest, I directly attribute it to wanting an excuse to make some badass sugar cookies. I'm talking fluffy, iced with sprinkles, shaped like little pieces of clouds from heaven, sugar cookies. My inspiration: those uber-processed, delectable treats you find at any grocery store. You know the ones: they have frosting colored to accentuate the holiday and sprinkles reminiscent of the season's decor (like green icing with clover sprinkles on St. Patricks Day). Eating one gives you a headache for hours. I can never eat just one. I pride myself that mine were genetically cloned to these Supermarket delights, which is why a few days after Valentines Day I was pretty sure my teeth were literally rotting out of my mouth.

I made two heart shaped cookies: one for my man and one for my girl. I wrote them cards and gave them a storybook they could read together. It's about a father farmer taking his little girl out on a tractor (it's just their speed). Gingy didn't bode so well this year in the Valentine department but the old girl bodes well most days so she took a raincheck.

In any case, the day proved to be a delight. D came home with the most outstanding bouquet; truly the prettiest flowers he has ever given me. He topped it off with a six pack of Sierre Nevada. It doesn't get much better than that. I felt a little lackluster in my shameless effort looking over at his lonely candybar and oversized heart shaped cookie as I sipped my cold beer...but I got over it. Our little family, nestled in for the night sharing the love.

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