Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break

We've been hanging with some of our favorite folks the past two days. Yesterday, we made our way down to the Littleton Museum where we saw donkeys, cows, turkeys, sheep, and a cat. Three brand new baby lambs cuddled in to their mommas, close to the fence. Miss M kept crouching down and standing up, saying, "Hi. Hi." and waving with an open/closed hand wave (not like the queen). I watched in excited amazement as one little lamb tottered and hopped, finding balance on it's new legs. It was a first for me.

The morning had a slow kind of feel. We took time to imagine what it would be like to go to school and write on slate boards with chalk (the original ipad) or ride a wagon 15 miles to Denver City for the day. Some of us even relished the fun of jumping through haystacks. It was like we were pioneers living in the 1800s; holding our hands out to shade our face and stopping to pull hay out of our shoes. It didn't even feel right to bust out my phone to take photos.

What these three don't already know is that they are on a great adventure, paving the way everyday. I only wish they had each other's loyal, adventurous companionship at every turn. Later in the park, we watched them play together and run down the hill. I looked at Meg and said, "It's practically like Little House we just need some tall grass." We were laughing about it but the memory now makes me beam: outside on a sunny spring day, me and my kin with my gold standard and her lovely kids... could life be any better?

Friday found us hanging out with some pizza, salad, ice cream, and a pretty good bottle of Loyal Companion Chardonnay from Cru Vin Dogs Wine Group, my new favorite. It was an easy happy hour with a new twist - the kids. Tack that to my latest schtick (for anyone under 35), "who wants to ride the scooter?" and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Watching Miss M mimic little L's words or holding hands with big M as they go to find something to play with truly sets me right. Then I look across the table at my good friend, relaxed enough to let a curse word slip, and we sink back in to some silly talk about famous people, new music, and what we will do when I win the Mega Millions lottery.

Friday, March 23, 2012


We met Julie and K & A and Lori and C & G for a play date at the Denver Children's Museum, a place we visit every other week these days. It's so fun to watch the kids play together, especially since M interacts with them more now that she's older.

These days, when we visit the Children's Museum, the bubble room is a must. Her favorite right now is the bubbles filled with steam. When they pop, it seems like a little magic spell has happened. It's pretty fantastic. But her curiosity has been moving towards the "bubble cube", where kids can stand inside a bubble room by pulling a cube attached to a rope. This photo was caught just before miss M stepped in the "moat" of bubbles. Her shoe and pant leg got entirely drenched. I figured there really wasn't anything I could do about it, so she walked around the museum the rest of the day making mini bubbles as she stepped. It reminded me of something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Herding Cats

We hung out at Nancy's house when the incomparable Emily was in town. I was excited for a night of funny conversation and of course the kids had a great time too. We layed them down on the bed to catch a photo of all three of them; of course it was like herding cats. This one above is Photoshoped so I can get all three in the same timezone.

It's fun to watch miss M and H playing together more and more. They joke with each other too - that silly toddler humor that's so wackadoo and non-sensical and seems completely elitist unless your "in on the joke." Still, as I read them night time stories, they continued to make each other laugh and I relished in the development of humor and the cousin bond.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sheep in a Carousel

We went up to Nederland for our "fairly annual" Frozen Dead Guy Days visit. This year, D wanted to park the Swinger up there so we drove up Saturday morning with Megan and met him and Dean. The wind was horrible; on our way out of Boulder a sign warned that all the events had been canceled for the day. Still we went and hung out in the motor home. We got to see the very short parade that took place but for the most part, being outside was painfully funny at best.

Channan and Barbara came by to say hi. They're moving back to San Fran and it was the last time to hang out before they go. Bart, Suzie and little G came up to hang out as well. Thankfully Suzie found the super cute Carousel of Happiness to take the girls for a ride on. It passed the time and got us out of the tight quarters of the Swinger for a bit. It was little G's first time taking a spin - I think she liked it. M is old hat at this point but now she can say "bah" when I ask her what a sheep says - she's very good with animal sounds these days. It might have something to do with repeat readings of Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw (one of our favorites these days).

Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Friends

There's nothing better than catching up with old friends. Here is a shot of Leroy dog living the good life in Cali.