Friday, March 23, 2012


We met Julie and K & A and Lori and C & G for a play date at the Denver Children's Museum, a place we visit every other week these days. It's so fun to watch the kids play together, especially since M interacts with them more now that she's older.

These days, when we visit the Children's Museum, the bubble room is a must. Her favorite right now is the bubbles filled with steam. When they pop, it seems like a little magic spell has happened. It's pretty fantastic. But her curiosity has been moving towards the "bubble cube", where kids can stand inside a bubble room by pulling a cube attached to a rope. This photo was caught just before miss M stepped in the "moat" of bubbles. Her shoe and pant leg got entirely drenched. I figured there really wasn't anything I could do about it, so she walked around the museum the rest of the day making mini bubbles as she stepped. It reminded me of something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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