Thursday, April 5, 2012

Playing Dress Up

Lately I get so excited to provide Miss M with opportunities to dress up that I forget that I need a little dress up too. Actually that's not true, I've been working the heals and skirts when we go out because I don't have any "work" dress up in my life these days.

Thankfully Chris and Cullen (aka The Landrum Family - logo design to come) provided just the opportunity to for us to put on the shine when they invited us to the National Guard Association of Colorado Military Ball. Once I returned the tight black cocktail dress that had me looking like Rodney Dangerfield, I remembered an old reliable I had in my closet from our Wedding. It's one of those dresses that feels so comfortable, sexy and fun to have on. It has literally been years since I curled my hair (and once I did I remembered why: my hair won't curl). For his part, I had to break D's heart when I explained he couldn't wear his nice tan suit since it was a black tie affair; still the old guy cleaned up well. He was no match for Tricia, Chris, and Deb - who were all rockin' it. And I would fail if I didn't give a shout out to Cullen in a tux, which I probably haven't seen since their wedding in 1990.

It was a great night. We learned about things we should already be familiar with, like what these National Guard volunteers contribute and we even got to see a photo of William Gilpin. It was certainly impressive to see Rob in his element and hear (with some prodding) his stories about the medals he earned. I'm embarrassed to admit I take for granted the freedoms so many others fight for every day and I'm grateful!

I'm also embarrassed that my photos as of late have been really sucking (more so... because I can't find my camera and have been using my phone). Needless to say, the lighting in the pre-party room wasn't the best and I felt like we were in one of those bad photo taking time space continums. Still, here are a few shots from the night.

J cracks me up... along with Chris' expression
A much nicer photo but I had to keep him running away in the background
The shot I sent to Nancy to show miss M - the obligatory "my parents are at a fancy ball" photo
Sergeant Major Rob Lawrence speaking to the crowd

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