Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

D made Mother's Day complete with flowers, a copper watering can, and a funny Flintstone-illustrated card signed by him, M and H (who spent the night). I whole-heartedly threw down my obligations standing over a hot mammoth trunk scrubbing dishes with a porcupine and embraced the moment. 

The day was light and fun, we all laughed quite a bit. We are getting to the point where hanging with miss M feels so comfortable. I realized it one night as all three of us were in her room unwinding for the evening. I realized the moment felt so fluid and relaxed and that she was just as comfortable hanging out as we were. We can joke and we can not say anything at all and it still is really awesome. 

Having H over to hang out brings this whole other dynamic too; one where M laughs and plays with him in an elitist toddler way. It's fun to watch them in their own world, chattering like a couple of stuffed-mouthed chipmunks. I'm getting to a point these days where I sometimes have to catch myself laughing when I should be "reprimanding" her - like when she was showing off to H by putting a penny in her mouth. I went to grab it and she swallowed it. They both started laughing while I neurotically tried to figure out what to do next. 

How does this little soul continue to amaze me so much? I find myself in moments daily where I almost start to cry at how beautiful she is to me. My heart swoons when she's truly happy and she wraps her little arm around my shoulder and pats me on the back or when she plants a soft, doughy kiss on my lips. I'm amazed by her development, her curiosity and her comprehension (including her desire to try saying new words such as "fuck" or "fucking" or "fucker" after her mom has demonstrated using the word with a rabid intensity that makes it so enticing). I watch with joy as she randomly dances to music that comes on the radio or spins around in circles just for fun (which I believe definitely calls for a tutu). I'm even more proud when she randomly laughs at something that strikes her as funny or greets another person in our everyday adventures with the sweetest little "hi" and wave. She is my true gift.

P.S. I have no clue why miss M is smelling the Goldfish cracker but she is already 
showing signs of a much more distinguished palate than me.

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