Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I started cooking up a plan back in January to celebrate D's 40th birthday. I enlisted the help of Tricia, who figured out a nice trade to swap miles for labor. In a few short months, we were headed to Mexico.

My goal was to get him away from it all and to the beach, where I was sure he would find fish and I would find a more relaxed D.

It was all a relative surprise until the weekend before we left. What else could I do to mark the probable mid-point of his life? Yeah, maybe a watch would have been nice but I knew there would be a moment when I looked over at him and I could see he was really enjoying himself. 

And though there were a few, one stands out above all the rest: when he returned from his Dorado fishing spree and we were looking over the fish, snapping photos, and watching them fillet everything, I caught a glimpse of utter satisfaction - a "life is good" moment, which was really the look I was hoping to achieve.

Turning 40 is no small feat and I'm glad to share this time with such a great guy.
Cheers to what lies ahead!

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