Monday, June 18, 2012

Akumal Mexico

It's clear to me now that by the time we got to Akumal, I was in full vacation mode. I love traveling for the inspiration it provides at every corner, and man did I need to get away. As we made it an hour south of Puerto Morelos, D and M took naps int he cab and we had officially sunk in to ourselves. I made time for some runs in the morning to acquaint myself with the town. There were so many great things going on but a massage for both of us was the highest priority. D took care of his fishing trip. Other than that we delighted in the food, including one awesome moonlight and flashlight-lite dinner that was probably the best meal (and I have no pictures of it). We were the only people in the sand-floored restaurant and when we returned to our condo, we found a large sea turtle just below our patio on the beach looking for a place to lay her eggs. There was a certain element of magic to the whole thing. 

I think this was the library; I LOVED the mural

La Buena Vida

mini nap on the beach
after our massages
of course, D had to go fishing

Hermes the hermit crab

official birthday dinner with D's Dorado
prepared as many different ways as possible
jungle flora always rocks

one last play on the beach
buh-by to our view and the nesting sea turtles
on our way home

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