Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Swinging (again)

We went up and spent a long weekend at the Swinger. D took miss M and Gingy up Friday night and I joined them on Saturday. We spent the time bike riding, visiting Terryall Reservoir and Salida, and eating some delicious treats, especially at our new favorite breakfast sport in Como (post to come). We returned on the 4th to the hustle and bustle of the ghetto: the obnoxiously loud illegal fireworks that were being set off at 10:30 pm (did these people not get the memo that CO was literally on fire last week and yes I am getting in touch with my inner old lady). The slow life of the Mountain seemed to suite me just fine: no wireless and no phone (for the most part), no noise, just the occasional rain storm.

(I just love this video, her first time kicking her legs)

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