Friday, July 13, 2012


If there ever was a dog who really introduced me to the beauty of the canine way of life, it was Leroy. I wasn't so sure about the whole thing when Sophia found him, but quickly I managed to open my heart. He taught me how awesome it is to have a dog-friend in your life. Leroy was good with loyalty and love and in some cases, a curious humor that seemed pigheaded at times. He was around for the crazy days of the Helen house in college and was as "knowing" as my other roommates when it comes to the things we did in those days that you don't just type out on the internet these days. I like to think he had as many fond memories about back then as we all do.

Most times when I went to Cali to see Chena and Sophia, I got to visit him too. This past February when we visited the Austins, Maddie got to meet him. When we left that weekend, I knew that would be my last time seeing him. Aside from all the friends he had, I think Sophia's love had tremendous sway with lengthening his lifetime as much as possible. It's no surprise he held strong to his good, happy life - a 16 year haul for the sprightly lab.

 Goodbye old friend.

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